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Advantages of Proper Battery Watering...

With proper watering, the potential of pumping due to overfilling is eliminated - electrolyte is maintained within the cell(s) assuring voltage and capacity integrity through electrolyte stabilization - the necessity for flushing and washing the battery now becomes less frequent.


Since pumping has been eliminated, the only moisture accumulation relative to the battery and battery cell covers will be from the normal flow of electrolyte laden gasses via the vent-cap vent(s) - which at times can be considerable.


Cell to cell and battery to equipment body-grounding is greatly reduced with the elimination of pumping, but still remains an area of concern since vent cap design has never totally addressed this critical area.


Less Damage through the corrosive effects of the electrolyte to the battery, the material handling and charging equipment, the designated charging area floor as well as any support or inventoried material within the vicinity.

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