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50% - 60% Less Watering - Reduce watering intervals by 50%-60% depending on usage scenario
Clean, Dry & Corrosion Free - Fewer acid laden gasses prevent moisture buildup on & around batteries
Fume Free Environment - Reduced fumes from acid based electrolyte emissions
Reduced Overall Maintenance - Combined labor savings makes maintenance much less time consuming
Ease of Inspection - Flip-top cap orientation means never having to remove vent caps
Batteries Last Longer - Electrolyte gravities are better stabilized and now more consistent
Increased Long Term Capacity - Stable gravities lead to greater, more efficient storage capacity
Proven Effectiveness - 15+ years in the field and used by leading battery OEMs and industry leaders.
Scalable - For both individual home off grid or professional enterprise level systems
Industrial Durability - Made from thick industrial grade acid proof polypropylene copolymer
Environmental Stability - Unaffected by harsh hot or cold environments
30 Second Installation - Installs quickly & easily on 98% of all solar batteries produced in the US & abroad
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Golf CarOutside of initial installation, maintenance on solar batteries can be one of the most time consuming and often times, least desirable post installation activities. Watering, cleaning, gravity checks and equalization can potentially add countless hours to routine servicing of larger solar storage banks. Even home based systems require ongoing maintenance that can be drastically reduced with installation of Water Miser Battery Caps.

Water Miser Recombination Vent Caps have been scientifically designed and engineered to extend the time in between watering while helping to maintain the relative specific gravity within battery cells.

In less than the 60 seconds it takes to install Water Miser Battery Cap, you can cut the time you would normally spend on maintenance in half.

  How Does Recombination Work?

Through a physical recombination process, Water Miser Battery Vent Caps capture liquid electrolyte before it escapes the battery cell. There are two separate and distinct processes that limit evaporation of the combined water and acid solution.

First, gaseous electrolyte is passed through a condensation chamber filled with a proprietary material derived from Polypropylene Co-polymer. The surface area of this material is designed to attract and condense the liquid electrolyte and then subsequently redirect it back into the cell by means of the electrolyte return probe.

Any residual liquid that passes beyond the condensation chamber is further limited by a micro-porus cindered filter disc. This filter acts as a back-up to capture any remaining gaseous liquids. This combined process results in a battery that maintains a more consistent electrolyte level over the life of your battery.

  Compatible with 98% of all Solar Batteries ...

Bayonet Vent CapWater Miser Vent Caps will fit 98% of all batteries used in solar storage applications. Most batteries of this type produced in the United States and abroad utilize the industry standard 1/4 turn bayonet attachment (see photo). Bayonet style vent caps do not have "threads" but use two characteristic bayonet wings that lock the cap into the cell cover.

NOTE: 8D and 4D series batteries maintain a smaller diameter vent cell opening therefore the Water Miser will not fit these batteries.

If you are still unsure of whether Water Miser Vents will fit your batteries, please feel free to EMAIL or call us at 1 (419) 290-1103 and we will confirm compatibility with your specific make and model of battery.

  QUESTIONS?...EMAIL | CALL 1 (419) 290-1103  
  Wholesale, distributor and volume discounts available for qualifying orders  

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