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  Standard Rubber Gasket
  (25 Pieces)
  Thick Rubber Gasket
  (25 Pieces)

NOTE: All Flow Systems Vent Battery Caps come standard with rubber washers. These washers are intended as replacements or if you need additional rubber battery vent cap washers.

Standard rubber washer for all bayonet style battery vents.

Sold in packs of 25 pieces only

USE STANDARD #1050W WASHERS IF.... your existing vent caps are leaking. First try to replace the washer that sits between the vent and the top of the battery / cell cover. This works to reduce leaking acid build up related to old cracked washers.
USE THICK #1050W2 WASHERS IF.... the washers are not cracked, and the vents do not seem to tighten when screwed into the battery, thicker washers help reduce this movement.
Available in standard black

Order quantities from 25 to 100,000 pieces per order

Standard rubber washer for all bayonet style battery vents.

Most orders shipped within 24 hours of order.
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