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The Water Rite Battery Filler ($84) is by far the most technologically advanced battery filling solution on the market. The accuracy of the automatic shut-off valve is unsurpassed in the industry. Only available from Flow Systems. Ideal as an industrial battery filler, for golf carts or any marine application. One gun fits all batteries.
Water Rite Battery Filler Kit Includes:
Water Miser Vent Caps
Stainless Steel Watering Gun
Pre-set Internal Pressure Regulator
Level Sensing Extension Tube
Automatic Shut Off Valve
"Depth-Stop" Assembly
Quick Disconnect Hose Attachment
Operating Instructions

  WR-100G6 Water Rite Watering Gun + 6 Water Miser Vent Caps $108
  WR-100G12 Water Rite Watering Gun + 12 Water Miser Vent Caps $132
  WR-100G18 Water Rite Watering Gun + 18 Water Miser Vent Caps $156
  WR-100G24 Water Rite Watering Gun + 24 Water Miser Vent Caps $180
  WR-100G48 Water Rite Watering Gun + 48 Water Miser Vent Caps $276
  WR-100G Water Rite Battery Watering Gun Only $84.00
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The Water Rite Battery Watering Gun is designed to work in conjunction with the Medium Height #2000C Water Miser Battery Vents Caps only. We have specifically developed the #2000C Water Miser with a larger diameter opening that compensates for the size of the Water Rite Battery Watering Gun nozzle. The Medium Height Water Miser #2000C and the Standard Height Water Miser #2000 are completely interchangeable.

Uses any Standard Hose - The Water Rite gun attaches to any standard hose and water outlet. The incorporated regulator reduces high water pressure to the required minimum pressure requirement of 15 PSI. This means that you can hook the Water Rite up to any standard garden hose to water your industrial batteries or golf cart batteries.
Automatically Shuts off at the Correct Level - The Water Rite Battery Watering Gun fills battery cells to precisely the correct level. When the battery reaches the correct level, not only does the valve prevent additional water from entering the battery, but the shut off action is so evident that the operator hears and feels the shut off action as the filler reaches the precise level.
One Size Fits All - The beveled nozzle allows the operator to fill any lead acid battery with either standard bayonet vent openings or those equipped with flip top water saving caps like the Water Miser Battery Vent.
Safety - The safety factor is important, it keeps the operator away form battery hazards and reduces backache from constantly bending over batteries. The length of the Water Rite battery filler wand keeps the owner at a safe distance while allowing them to reach across an entire bank of industrial, storage or forklift batteries.
Faster Filling - The flow rate is controlled at a gentle, but rapid 2 gallons per minute. Batteries are filled faster with more control than other battery watering guns or fillers.

Technologically Superior - The newest patent dated January 30, 2001 #US6,179,020 B1 covers the fluid level controlled automatic shut off valve. This shut off valve is far superior to that of the competition.

No Drip and No Waiting - The Water Rite watering gun's shut off valve is at the very end of the filling tube for improved sensitivity and accuracy while competitive valves are located in the far removed pressure regulator that connects to the filling tube. When competitive guns reach the shut off point, water contained in the filling tube continues to trickle out based on the inferior location of shut off valve and must be compensated for when watering your batteries.

Applications: Golf Cart Battery Watering, Industrial Lead Acid Battery Watering, Solar Battery Watering, Marine Battery Watering, Forklift Battery Watering Gun, Industrial Batteries Watering Gun and more.

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