Water Miser Vent Cap
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Save your expensive batteries by saving your water! These battery caps are engineered to substantially reduce the need for equalization of batteries. The incorporated Flip Top vent cap design makes the Water Miser the most technologically advanced battery vent available. Keeps all batteries dry and acid free.

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The most economical Flip Top Battery Cap on the market. If you are looking for a heavy duty, cost effective solution for your battery watering needs, the Econo Flip Speed Vent is the answer.
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Industry standard 1/4 turn bayonet battery caps from Flow Systems.

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Safety Tested and Industry Certified. The Flow Systems Battery Flame and Spark Arrestor vent combines one piece construction with leading industry spark and flame protection. All in a low cost standard bayonet vent cap.
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The Original 3X battery speed vent by Flow Systems. Easy on, Easy off. The 3X Speed Vent fits all wet lead acid batteries already equiped with speed vents. Will not fit 12V, 8V or Marine batteries.

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The same reliability as our 3X speed battery vent but in a 4 cell version. Typically used with 8 volt batteries containing 4 cells. Replaces old or leaking speed vent caps from other manufactures. Will fit any battery already equipped with this type of vent cap system.

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Rubber replacement battery vent cap washers. These washers will fit all standard bayonet battery caps. Two sizes available.

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Can't find aftermarket battery caps to fit your batteries. Convert your 12V, Marine, 4D, 8D or Douglas Style Battery into one that uses industry standard bayonet vent caps from Flow Systems
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Flow Systems Vent Caps
Flow Systems manufactures a complete line of battery caps to address all levels of battery maintenance. The Flow Systems Econ-o-Flip line is designed as an economically based solution for those interested primarily in a flip top battery cap. The Water Miser Battery Cap is our answer to the tedious activity of battery equalization and watering. With the Water Miser Safety cap, your batteries stay drier, need less equalization and require less watering than with standard 1/4 turn bayonet vent caps.

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In order to provide a complete end-to-end battery watering and maintenance solution, Flow systems also offers the Water Rite Battery Filler and Water Rite Deionizer Kit. The Water Rite Battery Watering Gun is designed specifically to work in conjunction with our Water Miser and Econo Flip lines to reduce overall maintenance of your industrial, fork lift, golf cart, solar, wind turbine or other battery specific application.

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Custom Battery Parts Fabrication
Flow Systems also provides custom fabrication services for battery parts and accessories relative to your specific application. Flow systems has over 80 years of combined industry engineering experience and supply most of the major manufactures with battery related support parts in one forms or another including: battery vent caps, intercell shrouds, terminal shrouds, moss guard and a number of other custom fabricated industrial battery parts.

Should you have a need for custom battery parts development or consultation, please contact us today online or by calling Flow Systems at 1 (419) 290-1103.

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When to Water Your Batteries?
There is an ideal time and method for watering your batteries. See the Flow Systems full Battery Maintenanc and Watering Guide for furhter details...

Immediately after taking the battery off charge, check electrolyte levels in each cell. Cells toward the center of the battery tend to require a bit more water, due to heat retention as a result of isolation, than do cells located adjacent to the outside of the battery tray assembly where cooling becomes more effective.


Each cell should be checked and if necessary, the levels adjusted to just touch the bottom of the cell cover vent-well extension tube - no higher and no lower


Following the procedures outlined, and understanding the effects of heat and electrolysis relative to electrolyte expansion, the industrial motive power battery can now be properly watered using any of a number of automatic single cell fillers presently on the market.

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