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  For use on European Push
  in style or Douglas
  For use on 4D, 8D,
  Marine or 12V Batteries
  For use on 4D and 8D
  screw-in or threaded
  type Batteries

NOTE: These battery vent cap adapters for 12V, Marine Batteries, 4D, 8D or European Style Push-in batteries are sold separately from the actual vent cap. These are adapters only. A vent cap will need to be purchased in adition the the adapter itself. These adapters work with all Flow Systems vent caps on this website.
NOTE: The 4D8DPIA does not come with a rubber washer because this is a tension fit type vent cap where no battery washer is needed. The 4D8DSIA threaded screw-in adapter does come with a standard rubber washer and is need on these type of vents to help seal the adapter to the battery cell cover.

Easily add an adapter to your 12 volt or marine battery to replace the original manufactures plate type vent cap that covers all three vent holes.

You can now convert batteries with hard to find vent caps into batteries that use the industry standard bayonet battery vent caps from Flow Systems

OEM, Distributors and industry suppliers call us for discounted larger volume pricing.

Available in standard black Only
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