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  Flip Top
  Battery Vent

1-99 $1.90
100-249 $1.80
250-499 $1,75


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  Flip Top
  Battery Vent

1-99 $2.00
100-249 $1.90
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  Flip Top
  Battery Vent

1-99 $2.25
100-249 $2.15
250-499 $2.00
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An Injection molded "flip top" vent cap addressing areas of safe and efficient maintenance during the routine servicing of industrial batteries, semi-industrial batteries and golf cart batteries.
There is never a need to remove vent-caps for inspection, servicing or watering
The handling of acid ladened vent caps is a thing of the past just flip them open and the flip them shut - Less physical exposure to electrolyte (sulfuric acid)
Removed vent caps are no longer misplaced due to dropping on the floor, rolling under the truck or charging station equipment and /or lodging between battery and battery truck compartment
Transfer of electrolyte from removed vent caps being placed on top of battery during servicing or watering is eliminated
The ELECTROLYTE RETURN PROBE encourages and directs any accumulation of electrolyte from the surface of the FLIP TOP BAFFLE ASSEMBLY downward
Battery to layout and use of intercell connector and terminal shrouds will at times complicate the positioning of other flip top vent caps. The Econ-o-Flips 360° orientation compensates for this clearance issue where others do not.
The ECON-O-FLIP will fit most U.S. manufactured industrial battery and most semi-industrial and golf cart batteries including: Exide Technologies, Dyno, Enersys, Hawker, East Penn (Deka), Crown, Trojan, Surrette, Superior, Bulldog, Industrial Battery Engineering (IBE), US Battery, Arrow Battery and Douglas Batteries.
The availability of ADAPTERS will facilitate a proper fit for all imported batteries such as Cloride, Fulman, Varta, etc.
Where necessary, thicker sealing gaskets are available for vent cap installations relative to older batteries or distorted cell covers
Its design accommodates all single cell fillers and watering wands having nozzle diameters of up to 3/4 inch.
FLOW SYSTEMS makes available an injection molded slip on 7/8-to-5/8 inch NOSZZLE REDUCTION ADAPTOR for any filler having the large nozzle
Flip top labor savings, during servicing, versus the standard vent cap, will more than compensate for the costs within the first 6 months.

Difference Between our Flip Top Vents...
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Water Miser Vent Cap

Econo Flip Vent Cap

  $3.98 - $5.38
(Dependent on Size)
$1.90 - $2.50
(Dependent on Size)
 Keeps Batteries Dry / Acid Free YES NO
 Reduces Watering Intervals (60%) YES NO
 Prevents Corrosion YES NO
 Spark & Flame Arrestor YES NO
 Reduces Electrolyte Gassing YES NO
 Prolongs Battery Life YES NO
 Electrolyte Condensing Pellets  YES NO
 Electrolyte Gravities are Stabilized YES NO
 Flip Top Orientation YES YES
 360 Degree Rotation YES YES
 Electrolyte Condensing Chamber YES YES
 Electrolyte Return Probe YES YES
 Bayonet Style 1/4 Turn Screw-in YES YES
 Cap to Battery Sealing Gasket YES YES
 Accepts 3/4" Single Cell Fillers YES YES
 Reduces Labor Costs YES YES



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