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Water Miser Caps

Short Height

Medium Height

Extended Height

 Industrial Deep Cycle Batteries    
 Fork Lift Batteries / Lift Trucks    
 Golf Carts    
 RV - Recreational Vehicles    
 Solar Storage Systems    
 Wind Turbine Storage    
 Hydro Electric Storage    
 UPS Systems    
 Standby Batteries    
 Stationary Batteries    
 Railway & Locomotive    
 Telecom Batteries    
 Ease of Watering / Inspection    
 Routine Over Watering    
 Clearance Issues    
 Rough Handling Environment    
 Speed Cap Replacement
 Larger Opening into Battery    
 Largest Condensation Chamber    

Water Miser Vent Cap

Econo Flip Vent Cap

  $3.84 - $5.38
(Dependent on Size)
$1.90 - $2.50
(Dependent on Size)
 Keeps Batteries Dry / Acid Free YES NO
 Reduces Watering Intervals (60%) YES NO
 Prevents Corrosion YES NO
 Spark & Flame Arrestor YES NO
 Reduces Electrolyte Gassing YES NO
 Prolongs Battery Life YES NO
 Electrolyte Condensing Pellets  YES NO
 Electrolyte Gravities are Stabilized YES NO
 Flip Top Orientation YES YES
 360 Degree Rotation YES YES
 Electrolyte Condensing Chamber YES YES
 Electrolyte Return Probe YES YES
 Bayonet Style 1/4 Turn Screw-in YES YES
 Cap to Battery Sealing Gasket YES YES
 Accepts 3/4" Single Cell Fillers YES YES
 Reduces Labor Costs YES YES

Frequently Asked Questions
The questions below outline a number of commonly asked questions related to Flow Systems products including the Water Miser Safety Vent, the Econ-O-Flip, and others. Should you have further questions that are not answered below, please feel free to contact us by calling 1 (419) 290-1103 or using our contact form by clicking here.

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Will the Water Miser Safety Vent Style of Vent Cap Fit my batteries?

All vent caps offered by Flow Systems use the 1/4 Turn Bayonet Style of Vent Cap. Bayonet vent caps have two locking wings that adhere the battery caps to the battery cell cover. This is different from a threaded cap. If the existing caps on your batteries use threads to screw into the battery cell cover, the 1/4 turn bayonet vent will not work on your battery.

Bayonet Description

Do I have the Bayonet 1/4 Turn on my Existing Batteries?

90% of all batteries in the US utilize the 1/4 Turn Bayonet Style Vent Cap. Should you still have questions related to whether or not Flow Systems vents will fit your battery, feel free to call us at any time at (419) 290-1103. To help us determine which battery vent caps will fit your batteries, please have available the battery manufacture and if possible, a picture of the existing vent cap.

WATER MISER Battery Caps will fit all U.S. manufactured industrial battery and most semi-industrial and golf cart batteries including: Exide Technologies, Intersate, Dyno, Enersys, Hawker, East Penn (Deka), Crown, Trojan, Surrette / Rolls, Superior, Bulldog, Industrial Battery Engineering (IBE), US Battery, Arrow Battery and Douglas Batteries.

Why are there three different sizes?

Flow Systems manufactures three different size caps designed to provide the optimal solution for your particular battery application.

Standard Height Caps -The Water Miser 2000 is the vent cap used most often for general purpose applications. Its main advantage is the low height profile which is best used when limited space is available relative to the top of battery. For easier watering and level checking, use the Water Miser 2000C.

Medium Height Caps - The Water Miser 2000C has two distinct advantages. This vent cap has a larger opening which makes watering and level checking much easier. The additional height also allows for extra capacity to contains any potential overflow of electrolyte during use.

Extended Height Caps - The Water Miser 2000EX has the maximum capacity for potential "over-fill" situations. Most often used with batteries that are routinely wet. The 2000EX has the same size opening as the Water Miser 2000. Not recommended where limited space is a consideration.

Do Water Miser Vent Caps help keep my batteries cleaner?
Yes....Standard vent caps that come with most new batteries do not have any barrier that prevents escaping electrolyte gases from collecting on the tops of your batteries. Water Miser Battery Caps alleviate any acid build up and corrosion that occur on most US made batteries.
How Many Vent Caps do I need?
1 cap per battery cell. Each cell on your battery must be equipped with a Water Miser Battery Cap in order for the water saving and safety features to work properly.
Will Water Misers reduce the fumes normally associated with gassing?
Yes....By nature of their design, Water Miser vent caps provide two barriers to escaping electrolyte. These two barrier system nearly eliminates the fumes associated with standard vent caps that come pre-installed on most US manufactured batteries.
Yes....By nature of their design, Water Miser vent caps provide two barriers to escaping electrolyte. These two barrier system nearly eliminates the fumes associated with standard vent caps that come pre-installed on most US manufactured batteries.

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